Personalized Bachelorette Tattoos- Set of 20 – Glass Knobs and Glue Stix

Personalized Bachelorette Tattoos- Set of 20

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Personalized Temporary Tattoos:
These tats make an awesome bachelorette favor! They also make for a really fun photo!!
- Measures Approx.- 1.5x2"
- These are only sold in sheets of 20
- You will be required to cut the tattoos individually (See photos)
**Applying Your Temporary Tat**
- Peel away the clear plastic layer exposing the adhesive.
- Place the tattoo's adhesive side to your skin.
- Cover with a wet cloth for 10-15 seconds, or until paper backing slides off easily.
- Allow the temporary tattoo to air dry for a few minutes.
- Temporary tattoos generally last 1-2 days.
**Removing Your Temporary Tat**
-These are made to withstand regular soap and water. To remove, use baby oil or rubbing alcohol and a wash cloth.
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